matkrenz's Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 - I Fought the Law and Kicked its Butt review

And nobody was drinking a sex on the beach.

Review for Red Hood & The Outlaws. 
The Storie: Jason breaks Roy from prison with the help of Starfire. They hang out on the beach and Jason goes to help out some old friends. 
The Good: Kenneth Rocafort will quickly become one of my favorite artists, just the way he does action, character motions, it's all very over top and this series does have a very 80's action movie feel to it wich I can enjoy. Lobdell writes Jason as a very sarcastic fellow and seemsalways wants the very last word in any conversation and he's just my type of guy. Roy here is written as a guy with no real direction, he just goes with the flow and his character can just go up from here. And as for Startfire all I can say is, this is the first issue of an ongoing series and Lobdell will properly develop her and explain why she acts the way she does. And besides im okay with this because Roy's expression from Kory's advances were perfect. Lobdell also introduces a subplot with a dude in Chicago trying to find information on aliens. Also this Essence ghost/spirit person thing is interesting. 
The Bad: Why does Rocafort draw a mouth on Jason's mask ? Also im kinda worried taht this All Castle will just be some dumb knight templar type training place. 
The Verdict: This series wont be for everyone but im pleased with this. The art is very pleasing, the art is big and bombastic and the character interaction is very natural. This is a buy.

Posted by Silkcuts

That would of been cleaver to have a shot of the drink Sex on the Beach

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