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It's All Part of The Master Plan....


The Story:

The new DCnU origin of Jason Todd is told here. This story takes him from his hard luck beginnings, to becoming Robin and ultimately his death at the hands of the Joker. Some things have changed and some have stayed the same. Overall, the character of Jason Todd in this tale hasn't changed a great deal compared to the pre-Flashpoint DCU.

The Good:

I enjoyed Lobdell's thoroughness with fleshing out his background. We see him from the very beginning and we're taken through virtually every step of his upbringing to the point of his death. Lobdell shows how he is influenced by his parents, the feelings Todd has for them and what his mother really meant to him.

The Bad:

The Joker is here in full force and of course with JT I expected that. What I didn't really like was how the entire set up of Jason becoming Robin was all part of his master plan just so he could kill him. It all felt very contrived and the pieces just fell into place way too easily.


This a pretty decent issue but the Joker master plan just turned me off to it. The art is also a definite step down from Rocafort's. All in all it's not a bad issue but I am much more interested in the future for Jason Todd than I am the past.


Posted by daredevil21134

Agreed 100%


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