johnkmccubbin91's Red Hood and the Outlaws #0 - Everyone Has to Start Somewhere review

Jason Todd's From Child to Red Hood

I have really liked this series and have grown to love all the characters. I originally got this series only being a fan of Red Hood and even then I have only been a fan of the Jason since he became Red Hood (didn't like him as Robin). I was never a fan of Starfire and had only really known Roy through his stint in the JLA. I have also liked how in this series although Red Hood's name is on the comic all three characters are treated equally (apart from the fact that this issue is just Red Hood with none of the others being in it).

This issue we see an entire origin story for Jason right from birth. We see how he grew up with a dad that didn't care about him and a mother that liked drugs too much. After the deaths of his parents we see how this has effected his future and how he gets into a life of crime. When Batman stops him from committing a crime he decides to take him under his wing as the new Robin. As the new Robin Jason is out to prove himself but gets a bit carried away and is a bit too violent.

When sidelined he finds that his mother is still alive. When he goes out to find her he is lead into a trap of Joker's and get's caught in an explosion that kills him. He finally goes on to explain that he can't remember what happened between his death and resurrection only that it happened in a Lazarus pit.
This issue has a back story told by the Joker. It tells of how he was behind Jason becoming Robin just so he could take it away from him by killing him.

This was overall a good story. I however preferred how Jason joined Batman's ranks in the pre New 52 world. I do however understand that in rebooting a whole company you don't want every origin being the exact same. I didn't like the Joker back up story and it would felt too unbelievable if it wasn't for the fact the Joker was telling it. I did however like the fact how we see a darker past with Jason giving more reasons behind all the anger and hate boiled up inside him. This issue I had mixed feelings on the art. I didn't like the first lot of art by Pasqual Ferry. Although I liked his art on Thor I don't think it suits this comic. I didn't mind the second lot of art from Ig Guara. It also wasn't startling but was better than the first lot. I also feel the colours went along with this art a lot better. I also loved the final art from Brett Booth who's work I have loved since Anita Blake and am currently loving in Teen Titans. I think it really suits the Joker and that he also draws the Red Hood outfit well. I am however looking forward too seeing Green II back on art next issue. The only thing I would have liked to see in this issue that wasn't there was a back story for Arsenal or Starfire instead of the Joker backup story.

Final verdict. Besides the back story this is overall a good issue. Although I liked how we saw Jason's childhood I would have liked a bit more Robin. I would highly recommend this issue and the series.

Rating: 4/5


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