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Recon droids are incredibly useful, they are like portable surveillance cameras, the user is able to control the recon droid. This is also used in battle to see where the largest concentration of droids/clones are. Darth Maul also used this to find out the location of Qui Gon Jinn and Obi wan kenobi. Imperial officers and clone troopers. Recon droids are able to hover above ground and there are so many of them around no one knows who there following. Clone troopers used recon droids to find the location of Han Solo, Ben Kenobi , Luke Skywalker and chewbacca. Recon droids used in battle also carry weapons, a small cannonblaster and a self destruct bomb, this inables the owner to destroy all droids/clones within a 2 meter range but at the cost of destroying the recon droid. Recon droids were used in the clone wars by both sides and were also used in the war aginest the rebels mostly by the empire because the rebels couldn't afford to lose many recon droids and they also had the adavantage of a bothan spy.

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