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The Reavers of Arcturus are warriors from the planet Arcturus IV. The Reavers origins have not been revealed, but they originally hunted and killed the mutants of their race with great zeal and pleasure.

Sometime during the 20th century on a mutant raid, the Reaver Ogord found a baby and was allowed to keep it as a spoil of battle. The boy, named Stakar, and his daughter Aleta trained to be Reavers. When they fused and became the being known as Starhawk, they refused service with the Reavers, something their father would resent for thousands of years.

Later in the 31st century, Ogord, now High Commander of the Reavers, kidnapped Stakar and Aleta's children in a plan to use them to dominate the universe (as well as get revenge on Starhawk). With the help of the Guardians of the Galaxy, these plans were foiled, although it would cost the children's lives.

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