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The Really-Ghastly are a family of monsters - father Igor, the unnamed wife, son 'Orrid, daughter Bella and a rarely seen giant baby - who remain seemingly unaware how unusual they are, instead seeing other, "normal" people as weird. They moved next door to the Jones family (Alfred and his unnamed wife), and generally try to be good neighbours, though their antics often terrify the couple. In return, the Jones' ways confused and shocked the Really-Ghastlys.

The Really-Ghastlys household also included pets, such as their octopus Cyril, vampire bat Grockle, the vulture Vernon, and more, and relatives, such as the giant cousin Boris, sometimes dropped by.


Drawn by Graham Allen and written by Les Lilley, the Really-Ghastly family were the "Fiends" of the Cor!! strip Fiends and Neighbours, and debuted in Cor!!'s 24th November 1973 issue. They lasted the remaining run of that title, then transferred to Buster when Cor!! was cancelled and merged into the elder title. The finally ended their run there on 22nd November 1975, but returned for several Cor!! Annuals and holiday specials, as well as enjoying a reprint run in Scream in 1984.

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