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The Reality Gem allows the impossible to become possible. The gem has the power to completely alter, manipulate and control reality by changing the physical laws of the universe.

The Reality Gem is the most powerful and most dangerous of the Infinity Gems. Special knowledge and care is required to use it's power, and even then it should only be used on a small scale. The Reality Gem should be used in unison with the other Gems, most specifically the Time and Space Gems. The Gem has the power to control as well as destroy reality if improperly handled or used by an inexperienced user.

With the use of the other gems, the Reality Gem can affect the entire universe and bend it to it's users will.


Originally known as the Soul Gems, the Infinity Gems were collected by the Elders of the Universe to destroy Galactus. After their failed attempt, the Reality Gem remained in the custody of the Collector. The Collector traded it to Thanos, who managed to collect all the Gems into the Infinity Gauntlet.

After his defeat, the Gauntlet briefly came into Adam Warlock's possession before he gave the gems to selected people for safe keeping. This team would come to be the Infinity Watch. The Infinity Watch had a secret member whom was entrusted with the Reality Gem - the Mad Titan Thanos himself - the only being knowledgeable enough to know that the Gem's destructive power was to be respected. This choice displeased Eternity greatly.

Thanos only used the gem one time. In anger over his love Death consistently spurning him, he decided to use the gem to create a universe in which she returned his affection. But first, he brought Captain Mar-Vell back to life, who talked Thanos out of using the gem for this purpose. Thanos knew deep inside that he could not use the gem to achieve this false reality even if he didn't destroy the universe trying (which is why he summoned Mar-Vell, knowing he would talk him down).

Wielders of the Reality Gem

  • Collector
  • Thanos

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