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Nicole is the oldest daughter of an LAPD detective who was murdered when she was just a child. Her younger sister Jacklyn is presumed dead. Nicole grows up to become a vigilante by night who protects the defenseless on the lawless streets of Chinatown, whilst helping disaffected teens during the day. Eventually she comes to the attention of Von Drake after disrupting his organization for quite some time.

Nicholle Mitchell has developed in the classic style of the victim turned avenger. Interestingly she was so badly traumatized by the things she does she becomes mentally unstable and positively suicidal in her actions. As the series progresses she makes and loses friends as she starts to become more formal in her vigilantism with a weapon smith and outfit.

During the course of her tale Razor is killed by Stryke, only to be reborn due to the intervention of her descendant, Poizon.

During the ongoing story it is revealed that Von Drake, the crime boss that murdered Razor's father, kidnapped Nicole's Sister. The young Jacklyn is raised as a highly skilled assassin trained by Von Drake to be his ultimate weapon. Jacklyn takes the name Stryke. Von Drake eventually sends Stryke to eliminate Razor, and the two do not realizing they are siblings. Eventually it is Jacklyn that first realizes that Razor is her older sister Nicole and turns on her lover (Von Drake) only to be left behind by Razor still does not know that Stryke is her sister. This angers Jacklyn and she decides to revenge herself upon Razor by killing her (which she eventually does).

Razor is restored to life by Poizon, her descendant, and Razor, Stryke and Poizon battle a resurrected Von Drake.

Upon her rebirth, Razor discovers that her weapons are now embedded inside her body. The act of extending the blades is extremely painfully as they tear out of her forearms when she needs to fight. The tortured soul aspect of her character becomes even more central to the plot where she can never find peace.


Nicole is a skilled martial artist and gymnast and utilizes a pair of wrist gauntlets that mount various blades upon them (depending on the artist). After being restored to life by Poizon, Razor's blades are inside her arms and they painfully extend from beneath her flesh.


Created by maverick artist and story teller Everette Hartsoe ; Razor was his vision for an ultra violent revenge comic, in the vain of stories like The Crow , with strong female leads. With such an endeavor not finding an outlet in the main-stream comic book world He founded London Night Studios to self publish his creations.

He had many supporters in the self publishing community including J.M. Linsner who created many high quality covers for Razor and other LNS productions.

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