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Everette Hartsoe's Razor Annual #1 is a 25-page, black-and-white book with two stories inside.  The first story covers pages 2-19 and is called "Deathwatch."  The second story takes up the remaining pages and is entitled "Never Again." 
"Deathwatch,"  written and pencilled by William Tucci, starts out as two members of a gang known as Balls approach a young girl (who may be a prostitute) who is new to the city.  The two thugs attempt to rape the girl and are quickly stopped by Razor.  Razor immediately kills one thug, but before she can kill the second, several other members of Balls appear.  They shoot Razor in the shoulder, but she flees before they can do any more damage.  Losing blood, she looks for a place to hide and finds an old warehouse.  Unfortunately for her, the warehouse happens to be the hangout of the Balls. 
Greeted again by several members of Balls, Razor has no choice but to laugh and take the fight to them.  She manages to hold her own for a bit, but eventually the numbers get to her and she finds herself staring down the barrel of a gun.  Rather than kill her, however, the guys decide they are going to play a little game with Razor.  A little game called "pain."  However, before they can play their game, they are interrupted by someone crashing through the skylight. As the dust settles, the men come face-to-face with a beautiful woman known as Shi (note: first appearance).
Shi gives the men a chance to leave, saying she will spare their lives if they leave.  Of course, they refuse, and she is forced to attack them.  She does so and then she and Razor make their escape.  As they get clear of the Balls, Razor throws a few smoke bombs back into the room, which blinds the men.  Rather than make their way to safety, Razor and Shi jump back into the room and finish what they started. The story ends with a "To be continued..."

Never Again

"Never Again," written by Kevin Hill and pencilled by Rich Fuscia, is a Razor background story.  In the story, razor recalls a memory of her past, where she is in a hospital. While a patient in the hospital, Razor is kept heavily medicated and she is sexually abused by not only her doctor, but by the nurses, orderlies, and worst of all, a janitor.  The abuse is so bad they twice they had to give her an abortion 
During her stay there, someone appears and kills all of the abusers, lining their severed heads on her window sill.  A voice tells her that it is "time to make a decision."  She makes that decision and begins her transformation into the character known as Razor.  Fast forward some time later, and she locates the janitor, who was the worst of her abusers.  She realized that his head was not among those left on the window sill for a reason: he was left for her to kill. 
Razor tracks the janitor as he breaks into a house.  Before he can rape a poor, unsuspecting woman, razor appears and decapitates him. She leaves his head on the window sill with a message nailed through his skull.  That message? "Never again."







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