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Razor stalks the city and comes across a building on fire. A woman cries for her granddaughter trapped in the building. razor leaps into action and finds a man in the building alive and she gets him out first and goes back in for the girl. She finds her too late and seconds later the building comes down. Razor survives but hears the man is a convicted arsonist. He claims innocence to the police but his attitude after leads her to think he might be the culprit after all.  
Razor follows him and from a rooftop hears him on a phone telling someone that the stuff he was given wasn't right and the fire started too quickly for him. Razor stalks him and finds him with a bomb. She pins him down and he confesses the man behind the fire was Victor Hammon. The Police are on hand to hear the confession and take him away promising he will go down for the crime. 
Razor takes the bomb he was to pick up and takes it to Hammon's mansion where the drug lord lives. She takes out his men and cuffs him to the bed with the bomb on count down. The explosion takes out the mansion. 
In prison the arsonist brags his crimes to his huge room mate, prisoner 666, whose sister was a victim of one of the fires.







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