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Every few hundred years vampires enter a metamorphasis, emerging with a new dark gift. Raziel's latest gift was that of flight, in the form of bat-like wings. Kain, seeing this newest mutation, grew enraged and tore the bones from Raziel's wings. He ordered him cast into the abyss, the common fate of traitors and weaklings.

Raziel emerged from the swirling depths of the abyss destroyed, but reborn as a devourer of souls . He retained many of his vampiric strengths, and gained new ones as he slew his former bretheren in a quest for revenge. Raziel is immortal.

When his body is destroyed he travels to the spectrum plane, a twisted mirror image of the waking world. Even there, when his spirit is drained of energy he is drawn to various focal points in the spectrum plane. He can posses the corpses of the dead to re-inhabit the world of the living, or abandon these bodies at will to travel the spectrum plane. Guided by the enigmatic Elder God, Raziel consumed the souls of Nosgoth's vampire hordes and grew powerful.

Powers and Abilities

"As my agent, you are beyond death, Raziel. Your enemies cannot destroy you. If you grow too weak, however, you will always be drawn here, to recover."
-Elder God

Raziel possesses strength greater than he ever had as a vampire. Telekinesis, great jumping power, and the ability to glide, using the remains of his tattered wings. During a conflict with Kain, Raziel was struck with the Soul Reaver, Kain's ancient weapon shattered, rather than destroying Raziel utterly.

He faded out of the material realm and into the spectrum where he found a version of the Soul Reaver waiting for him. When he touched the etherial blade it bound itself to his arm and the two were forever inseperable.

The Soul Reaver is capable of being endowed with many elemental energies which enhance the power of the blade.

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