Razer the third blue lantern?

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now, we all know that at the end of the series the love of his live dies in his arms by the second time but this time, he doesn't fill his heart with rage but hope instead, hope enough to have a blue power ring behind him when he leaves, so...

do yuy think it would go that way? assuming there is a season 2

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it was confirmed that if there was a season 2 hat Rzer would have become a Blue Lantern and would eventually be reunited with Aya

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I really like Razor's storyline, and would love to see it introduced into the comics for the Blue Lanterns backstory. They really need to get fleshed out, and between Saint Walker and Razor, they'd have a great opportunity to tell some great stories.

Far better than the Red Lanterns book has been so far.

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Have you seen that netflix commercial that's been on for the last few weeks? Its about a woman who has seen tons of movies and she keeps ruining the endings of the movies for her friends?

Well you just did that... so thank you very much and congratulations you've made it on to my enemies list between Bill Gates and the very loud toddler upstairs that likes to jump around at 3 am.

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yeah, well I don't really like the idea of razer as a blue lantern, he is perfect as a red lantern and the only change that would make him ever awesomer is becoming a green lantern, besides, blue isn't his color, red on the other hand, it fits perfect for him

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