How cool is Raze?

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So we have a new character. I have to say, out of all of Wolverine's son's and daughters (He had a lot in the Wolverine Goes to Hell arc) aside from Wild Thing, Raze really peaks my interest. He has a cool code-name, and some obvious skill to be able to beat Psylocke (though it was done off panel so it's suspicious.) I think his look needs some work cause as it stands he kind of looks metro with the skull belt and flaps like his mother has over his pants with an open jacket and no shirt. If they have the chance to work that into his character, okay, I can be fine with that. Like Daken being completely comfortable with his sexuality, I was cool with him flaunting his body around, but if they're trying to make Raze just look cool, they might have to go back to the drawing board.

He appears to be the future son of Wolverine and Mystique, I'm thinking he was rasied by Mystique or he may have seen his father kill his mother in the future. It doesn't say or hint, but the kid was definitely willing to kill his own father without regard for his non-existence. I think that says he obviously holds some resentment towards Logan.

I think we have enough of Cyclops future kids in the 616 universe: Cable, X-Man, Rachel Grey, and in these kind of storylines we always get one or two characters that get stuck in the 616 universe. With the powers and skills of Wolverine and Mystique, I see a lot of potential in this character, and I kinda hope he gets stuck in the main Marvel U. What do you guys think? Is he lame? Is it to soon to tell? Do you think he could have a future if he stayed in the 616 U? Do you think he would be better off under Mystique's tutelage or Wolverine's at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning? How do you think Raze and Nightcrawler would react toward one another?

I want to note: That I've changed my mine about his look. It really depends who's drawing him. Chris Bachalo makes him look pretty awesome, and at closer inspection, Raze's uniform actually looks like a white version of the X-Men's black leather suits during Morrison's run on New X-Men. The jacket even has a big X on it. In any case, it's kinda won me over, with Bachalo on art.

Lately we've discovered that Raze has actually killed his mother, Mystique and that the new Xavier Jr. is actually his brother. He says has a reason why he took his own mother's life, but the secret is kept from us. Mystique is a very mysterious character, probably one of the most mysterious in the Marvel Universe. I personally hope we get some answers to Raze and his history.

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Daken is my favorite of Wolverines children, but Raze is a very close second. Very cool. Hoping that we see more of him in the near future. Possibly him meeting up with Mystique.

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i really like the idea behind raze and i also want him to stay in the main marvel universe. It would be interesting pairing him with Daken since both recent their father. One thing that’s pretty cool about Raze is his power set! I hope marvel develops him further!

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seriously how many kids does wolverine have damn.

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here's hoping Erista gets the same treatment

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