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Raze hunted down and killed his mother, Mystique. He then used his shapeshifting abilities to pose as her for a while, until he was tracked down by his half-brother, Charles Xavier II, who also wished to find and hurt the already dead Mystique. The two, realizing they were related, decided to work together, and thus the future Brotherhood was formed. They decided to go back in time to a time when the X-Men had not yet mastered magic (future Sorcerer Supreme Billy Kaplan) and science (presumably Shogo Lee). They attacked the time-displaced teenage X-Men again, after the events of Battle of the Atom.


Raze first made his debut in disguise as a future Kitty Pryde in X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1 - Battle of the Atom Chapter 1 under writer Brian Michael Bendis and art done by Frank Cho, Stuart Immonen, and Wade Von Grawbadger, with Marte Gracia on colors. However, Raze first revealed himself in X-Men #6 - Battle of the Atom Chapter 7 with Brian Wood as writer and David Lopez, Cam Smith, Terry Pallot, Laura Martin, and Matt Milla on art and colors.

Powers & Abilities

Being the Mutant son of Wolverine and Mystique, Raze has inherited many of their abilities. He possesses the same 6, 12 inch retractable bone claws as Wolverine. 3 in each arm and housed specifically in his forearms. While not confirmed, it can be assumed he has also inherited Logan's other abilities, such as acute senses and enhanced physical abilities. He has been shown to inherit Mystique's shape-shifting powers as well. His powers have been determined to be better than even Mystique's. Which is probably why Logan couldn't smell Raze when pretending to be an older Kitty Pryde. His mother has recently been granted the ability to change her scent as well as move around her organs.

Master Combatant: It is safe to assume that Raze is a formidable opponent. He has defeated the likes of Psylocke, a young Iceman & Beast, and has even bested his father, Wolverine on more than one occasion, using the combined might of his combat and shape-shifting abilities.

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