LBCC '09: Ray Anthony Height Interview

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Comic Vine catches up with the artist

Ray Anthony Height is the current artist of RPM for APE Entertainment. The great thing about the interview with Ray was how different it was from all the other interviews we conducted at Long Beach Comic Con. At the end of the day, if you are an artist or writer signed to a major company like Marvel or DC then you are luckier than you may think. It is extremely difficult to break into the comic book industry, and possibly even more difficult to stay in. During our conversation, Ray told me a little bit about his experience with Marvel, and I will admit I was really struck by his persistence to stick with his craft. 
Check out the incredible art he has on display on his website! You can also check out his stuff on his Deviant Art page!
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ironically that guy has my name as his middle name yay for me

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I just checked out his website and page on Deviant Art, and I am baffled as to why marvel would not hire him. His stuff is great! Get rid of Greg Land and give Ray his job.

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Agreed I am liking his stuff, nice and dynamic.  Yeah Def has a very X-men or Ult Spiderman feel to it.

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nice interview.
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He's a pretty cool cat, that Ray Height. I watch him on deviantART, his stuff is fantastic as well.
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I'd like this guy on Top Cow more than Marvel or DC.

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He kept at it! Good for him!

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