Raven using magic

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Does anyone have a scan of Raven using magic? Because some people say she threw fire and electricity from her cloak, but I can't seem to find her doing so.

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The instance of her shooting fire from her cloak is from an annual, I think, during her White Cloak days where they fought a guy called Muse who invaded their dreams in order to kill them. They all manage to beat him back out of their dreams using various skills and techniques they use in their waking hour, so it is by some of us believed Raven could do the same trick in the waking world.

The electricity blasts on the other hand are from Winnick's Titans, first time since she was reborn that Raven went completely demonic, where she used it as her primary attack against her brothers and the Titans.

Granted, Raven is in a bit of a grey zone when it comes to this. As she is a DC half-demon, we can assume most of her powers are magically connected in one way or another, but for the most part she appears to be primarily psionic-powered because of how she employs them (which was the challenge Len Wein gave Wolfman when he asked him to come up with a new type of mystic that didn't resemble Phantom Stranger or Dr. Strange).

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^^This, not only that but in the animated series she was shown using magic spells.

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Like what the other had said, Raven has been shown to use magic though it isn't her strongest ability. But other than that, her heritage and powers still connects her to magic.

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A thread on KMC that I sort of took over and updated with most of her significant feats.

As mentioned in said thread, all of her powers are "magic," just specifically compartmentalized into a set of balanced abilities. We learn this for certain in Crisis where her powers (along with many mages in the DCU) fluctuated greatly. As for what you're REALLY asking for, she displayed some minor magical telekinesis in like... one panel a good while back that was really just out of place. Elsewhere, you'll only find mystical manipulations in the vaguely defined demonic Trigon-possessed Raven.

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@konton: Not so sure I'd say it's out of place, but rather that Raven has to be in a specific frame of mind to employ telekinesis, as in her demon guise. She has however displayed it twice (not a lot granted) one was under Winick, where she effortlessly held the Titans down with it. The other time was way back in the Plague story where she did something similar to Nightwing while under the influence, having already KO'ed Tim by tapping on his head. Also there was the small entry of how she crushed the Medusa Mask in the mini-series in order to get rid of it once and for all.

Also there might be the thing that her telekinetic powers are generally not quite as useful when she is surrounded by the likes of the Wonder Girls, Starfire, Cyborg and Superboy that can most likely lift more than she can.

For the OP, I remembered there was also in the aftermath of the Day of Vengeance at least two mentions by Raven that the Spectre's attack on magic having made her healing powers unreliable. First time was when she tried to field-heal Superboy after he was attacked by Prime in Smallville. Later (in the Robin comic) she elected to stay behind and tend to Conner while the others went off to get a cure for him, having mentioned she was a liability in the field after having set the bedpan on fire when trying to heal Conner.

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