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Major Story Arcs

After discovering her sister's dead body, Raveena is informed that she had the name "Patrick Immelman" scrawled on her hand. Believing "Patrick" to have killed her sister, Raveena disguises herself and attacks him at his office. When "Patrick" reveals he is not the killer, she blackmails him into finding out who her sisters killer is.

While still talking in the office, the two of them are attacked by De Guerre's men, with Raveena being shot in the neck. She survives, and along with "Patrick," they escape and make it to his Gramps house where they are both patched up.

Once "Patrick" comes to, Raveena turns of the teevee and shows him that his office building has been burned down, along with her apartment complex. Now they`re gonna beat up their mysterious assailants.

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