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Brief History

The true identity of Rave is unknown but he is a businessman and chemist that created a new street drug called maze. Rave would move the drug out of his club called The House of Rave and many of the chemicals he uses to produce this drug aren't illegal but when mixed together result with users experiencing paranoia and hallucinogenic effects. One detective asked Iron Fist for his help after he showed Rand a tape of his son addicted to maze. Iron Fist agreed to help and staked out the House of Rave club from an adjacent building. Rave and one his henchmen saw Iron Fist entering the club from his porto-viso-screen and activated some booby-traps. Iron Fist was able to elude the traps so Rave decided to take matters into his own hands and confront the intruder himself. Rave put on his gloves, maze-mask-feeder and power boots before initiating a self-destruct sequence. If Rave was gonna go down, then he would take the whole block with him. His henchman named Ed activated Rave's virtual multiplier before facing off with Iron Fist. Rave's virtual illusions were useless against Iron Fist and activated his power boots to get airborne. Iron Fist knocked Rave onto the floor with one uppercut and followed him as he tried to escape through a trap door. Iron Fist kept beating on Rave until he had Ed disengage the self destruct sequence. The current whereabouts of Rave are unknown.

Abilities & Paraphernalia

Rave is equipped with power gloves that enhance his striking power and he also uses power boots that provide him with limited flight. Rave wears a mask that feeds him the maze drug and uses a virtual multiplier that projects multiple, virtual images of himself to confuse his opponents.

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