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Ravan was created by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell. He made his debut in Suicide Squad #1 as an enemy of the Squad.


Ravan was a member of the Jihad, until the group’s collective defeat at the hands of the Suicide Squad. During the battle Ravan had his back broken by the Bronze Tiger, who refused to kill him as Ravan swore to gain vengeance.

He next reappeared when the Jihad battled the Suicide Squad, being granted mobility by an exoskeleton which granted him the ability to move, but was once again defeated by the Bronze Tiger who simply destroyed his power supply before offering him the opportunity to join the Suicide Squad. After a period of deliberating, he joined the Squad where he enjoyed the ability to kill, which fell in line with his Thuggee religion. He continued serving until the Squad's disbanding where he was meant to be extradited back to Qurac, however Amanda Waller offered him and several others a deal assist her in taking down the LOA.

During the Squad's disbandment he founded a cyberchurch in London which functioned as a den for him to commit murder until being captured by Batman. Batman brought him to Amanda Waller who informed him of Kobra being alive resulting in his rejoining to kill him.

He then served in the Squad's newest incarnation until a mission to Israel, as the Squad attempted to find Kobra. Ravan then broke into the prison holding Kobra and attempted to kill him, resulting in his being poisoned but continued the battle. However Kobra eventually got the better of him but was knocked out by the arriving Adam Cray, who refused to kill or allow Ravan to kill Kobra. Ravan died cursing Adam.

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