Whos Reading It?

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What do you think of it so far? What characters are you linking the most?

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I read the first. Indifferent.

#3 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (40313 posts) - - Show Bio
@ReVamp said:

I read the first. Indifferent.

It fills my Gen13 void but they need more WSU characters 
#4 Posted by garrettsgonewild (87 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm actually liking this title! Especially for a group of character that I am not familiar with since most of them are newly created but it has a good feel and I like the angst and the relationship of the characters. I just want to see more Beast Boy but I'm growing to like Thunder and Lightning and they were the characters I wanted to end up as casualties but that's not the case anymore!

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I picked this series up because I was promised that it would cover Rose Wilson's new backstory and add some depth to her character (and hopefully have her stop being a villain down the road). I really hope this happens sooner rather than later, because aside from Caitlin, I'm not really connecting with the other characters. Ridge is alright, but I'm not seeing anything special in him, while Thunder and Lightning are just kind of meh for me. The only other two I was looking forward to, BB and Terra, have been in a total of like 3 pages in the first two issues, so I have no real opinion on them yet.

#6 Posted by iragulasuperbia (154 posts) - - Show Bio

I like it so far, and I'm really curious how Brother Blood is tied in. I feel like Beastboy is going to have a different backstory, and I'm interested in it. Ridge seems a rather typical tough guy character, but I kind of dig the British euphemisms. Lightning and Thunder are growing on me, moreso the latter. Fairchild has taken up a caretaker role, much like she has in the past, and that's perfectly fine with me. I haven't seen much of Terra so I don't really have a verdict on her, but I don't entirely trust her due mostly to past incarnations.

I also like how the group doesn't automatically mesh. They have no particular reason to trust each other and they don't, It'll be interesting to see them grow.

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Does anybody like the choice of the character they killed off?

#8 Posted by Ravager4 (1689 posts) - - Show Bio

@garrettsgonewild said:

Does anybody like the choice of the character they killed off?

"Killed", you mean. No body, no death. That's how it works in comics.

But I would have preferred it to be Thunder. At least Lightning was semi-interesting. Thunder, not so much.

Not that it matters either way. Getting rid of characters within the first 4 issues, when you haven't even had time to care about the characters, is pretty pointless. So it makes no difference at this point.

Now, give me Rose, damn it. You said she would play a significant role, Mackie. You said. Now where is she?

*checks off another month on my 'Rose Wilson Absentee' calender*


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Yeah, you're right! Lightning started to grow on me more than Thunder did. But seriously I'm hoping to see Rose and Warblade come along and make things more interesting!

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@garrettsgonewild: doesn't look like it'll be for at least another 3 months... next month is zero month, which focuses entirely on beast boy and terra, and the month after that is focusing on superboy's confrontation with the group. So, we probably won't be seeing Rose until November at the earliest. Needless to say, this saddens me deeply.

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I'm mostly reading it for Beast Boy and Caitlin, I haven't so much connected with the other characters (Lightning is growing on me little by little, though)

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Why isn't DC using the other Gen 13 characters?

I wanna follow Grunge and Freefall

(are they all still dead?)

#13 Posted by John Valentine (16416 posts) - - Show Bio

The only character I like in this book is Beast Boy.

Indifferent to Thunder, Lighting and Fairchild.

Actively dislike Ridge and Terra.

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