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Sniffing out his prey in the Generation 1 cartoon

Ravage's loyality to the Decepticon leader, Megatron, is absolute. One of Soundwave's most reliable spies, Ravage believes unwaveringly in the Decepticon cause, and Megatron embodies that cause. To better serve Megatron and the Decepticons, Ravage has become the most efficient and deadly war machine under his command. He hides himself in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike with grim accuracy. His name is synonymous with stealth. His survivors are few.

Major Story Arcs

Marvel comics Continuity

Ravage from the pages of the UK comic

On Cybertron before the war, Ravage was a loyal guard for the Autobot Overlords who ruled over the planet. Over time he witnessed the world's governing body crumble around him and fracture off into waring city states. During one of these wars, Ravage was one of the bodyguards who attempted to escort his Overlord master to safety. During the perilous journey Ravage refused to give the dying Overlord any of his energon and instead allied himself with Megatron who he believe would be the future leader of Cybertron.

4 million years ago, Ravage was one of the Decepticons who attacked the Ark. Their failed hijacking resulted in the Ark crashing to Earth, embedding itself into the side of a volcano. In 1984 the volcano errupted waking the deactivated Ravage and Transformers onboard. Cybertrons war had reached planet Earth.

Dreamweave Productions Continuity

Named Battle Ravage in the Energon Series, Ravage was not a Cassette Tape of Soundwave. Battle Ravage, in comics, is not a drone-type form (See Transformers: Energon in Other Media). Here he is an individual who leads the Battle Ravage drones

IDW Comics Continuity

Beast Wars


When he was resurrected by Magmatron it was stated that he was two parts Predacon and one part Decepticon. When Magmatron returned to the past to raise an army using blank protoforms he found Ravages remains and his well-preserved spark. He was ressurected as a Transmetal 2 jaguar.

Magmatron mentions that as while he is known as the Tripedacus Agent, Ravage is only loyal to himself and his own advancement. It is this underhandedness that allowed Ravage to survive Cybertron's Great War.

Other Media


Transfomers Revenge of the Fallen

Big screen Ravage

Ravage appeared Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and like previous continuities he is partnered with Soundwave. He was first seen being launched from space by Soundwave to infiltrate a base housing a piece of the Allspark. He ripped open a vent to send his Insecticons down to retrieve it but they activated the alarm. He then attacked and killed all the soldiers and left to find Long Haul, Rampage, Mixmaster, and Hightower to revive Megatron. He was then seen again in Egypt hunting for Sam using a Insecticon to find him. Once the fighting started he tried to attack Bumblebee only to have his spine ripped out by the brave Autobot.


The Transformers (1984)

Transformers: Energon (2004)

Battle Ravage belongs to a group of Terrorcons. The Battle Ravages were drones that attacked as a team.

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