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His species, the Aleena, maintain a strong warrior tradition and are often outraged that many of the galaxy's larger species don't take them seriously. The diminutive Aleena were bred for wide physical variation, some are white, some are striped, some have tails, some have long necks, and some are half the size of Ratts Tyerell.

Tyerell, infuriated with Sebulba's blatant cheating, vowed to fight fire with fire. Before the Boonta Eve race he named his Vokoff-Strood Titan 2150 the Scatalpen (after a predator from Aleen that slashes open the belly of its prey, causing it to trip on its own entrails) and hired an outlaw tech to outfit his Podracer with ilegal weaponry. But before he could jockey into strategic position, Tyerell fatally collided with a stalactite.

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