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Story Arc

Otis Flannegan plagued Gotham with an army of trained rats, running afoul of Batman. Even during his subsequent incarceration, the Ratcatcher utilized a brood of loyal rodents to relay messages to other convicts via the maze of ventilation ducts within Blackgate's superstructures. Notably, he helped Bane organize an escape in this way. During the events of Batman: Cataclysm, Ratcatcher escaped with a group of other villains, including Cluemaster.

At the start of Infinite Crisis, the Ratcatcher is being aided by the homeless, as well as his rats. When he was discovered by the police, they tried to take him away. However, when one of the homeless (an OMAC in hiding) men tried to help Flannegan, he was knocked aside which triggered the OMACs activation. The OMAC identified Ratcatcher as a gamma level threat and vaporized him.

Powers and Abilities

Ratcatcher has the ability to control and communicate with rats. He also has great knowledge of Gotham's sewer system, as well as Blackgate prison's layout.

Other Media



In the Batman movie, the Ratcatcher suit was included in Batman's trophy room in Wayne Manor.

Video Games

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Although Ratcatcher isn't in the game, his equipment appears in the ventilation system of the Botanical gardens.

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