Nolanverse Ra's Theory

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Ok, many people belive Liam Neeson is the original Ra's, no he isnt.

1. Why would an English guy have the name of Ra's?

2. Ra's is Asian or Arab or a Mix os both.

3. The Credits at the end say Liam Neeson is or used to be Henri Ducard

Thing we know about Ra's.

1. He used to be from a nomad tribe that get into Arabia from China.

2. He is a great martial artist

3. He is cant "die"

4. Or merely cheap parlor tricks to conceal your identity

From this 7 things we an go into one thing.

Ra's al Ghul is a name used by many people during history.

Ok, why would Ra's lie to Bruce about who he is?, he has no real reason, he is Qui Gon Jin, the origin story he told him is real, some one killed his family and then he joined the Sith and that why it train Anakin so he can became Darth Vader, wait, i mean Henri Ducard and i mean those ninjas, Bruce Wayne and Batman.

Ra's is a legacy character in the Nolanverse, when Henri Ducard take the Ra's name, it take Ra's life, that why Talia uses the last name is al Ghul, so people belive Ra's cant die, becuase he becames Ra's, Bruce Wayne was the next Ra's in the line.

Also about Talia it could be isnt Henri Ducard relative and is another legacy character used by a female leader.

Ra's al Ghul = Ẓiyāʾ-ud-Dīn Baranī

Thuggee (Hindi: ठग्गी or ṭhagī; Urdu: ٹھگ; Sanskrit: sthaga), also known as tuggee or simply thugs, was a religious cult and an organized gang of professional assassins who traveled in groups across India for several hundred years. They were first mentioned in the Ẓiyāʾ-ud-Dīn Baranī (English: History of Fīrūz Shāh) dated around 1356. In the 1830s they were targeted by William Bentinck, along with his chief captain William Henry Sleeman, for eradication. They were seemingly destroyed by this effort.

The thugs would join travellers and gain their confidence. This would allow them to then surprise and strangle them by tossing a handkerchief or noose around their necks. The killings were performed in honour of the goddess Kali and were very ritualistic.

The earliest recorded mention of the Thugs as a special band or fraternity, rather than as ordinary thieves, is found in the following passage of Ziau-d din Barni's History of Firoz Shah (written about 1356):

In the reign of that sultan (about 1290), some Thugs were taken in Delhi, and a man belonging to that fraternity was the means of about a thousand being captured. But not one of these did the sultan have killed. He gave orders for them to be put into boats and to be conveyed into the lower country, to the neighbourhood ofLakhnauti, where they were to be set free. The Thugs would thus have to dwell about Lakhnauti and would not trouble the neighbourhood of Delhi any more." (Sir HM Elliot's History of India, iii. 141).

Membership was sometimes passed from father to son, in what would now be termed a criminal underclass. The leaders of long-established Thug groups tended to come from these hereditary lines, as the gang developed into a criminal 'tribe'. Other men would get to know a Thug band and would hope to be recruited, in the way that one might aspire to join an elite regiment or university: they were the best operators in "the business" and, like a regiment or college fraternity, once in the group, there was a camaraderie of numbers and shared experience. The robbery became less a question of solving problems of poverty and more a profession, like soldiering.

Sometimes the young children of the travellers would be spared and groomed to become Thugs themselves, as the presence of children would help allay suspicion. A fourth way of becoming a Thug was by training with a guru, similar to an apprenticeship for a guild or profession, during which the candidate could be assessed for reliability, courage, discretion and discipline.

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Those guys are still alive.

Lazarus Pit

The Bareshnum is a ritual bath that provides personal purification. While it can be performed for any Zoroastrian who has been seriously defiled, today it is generally only done for those who are preparing for priestly ordination, priests who have been defiled in some way, and corpse bearers, as corpses are considered particularly defiling and corrupt in Zoroastrianism.

The ritual is performed in the Bershnumgah, an area of a fire temple dedicated specifically for this purpose. The specific area is marked off by drawing a stick through the sandy ground and then by groups of stones. The receiver is required to be nude for the bath, and two priests perform the ceremony after they themselves have ritually bathed.

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@DeathpooltheT1000: So Ra's is immortal in a sense that his title is passed on. Great theory hopefully they address this in the final movie of the trilogy!

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@joeagentofhand1: It works better that Ras is immortal, becuase immortal characters make death senseless and for the same the comic, movies and tv show get boring.

Also, i mean, you can even Retcon Deathstroke into the Nolanverse, most of Batman character can be Retcon into the Nolanverse or a Nolanverse style ideas.

Also, there is no evidence that Liam Neeson was lying to Bruca at any point.

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Henri Ducard is Ras Al Ghul's fake name.In Batman movies Ras Al Ghul is realistic so he is mortal

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nice theory

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