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Origin and Creation

Rapunzel is a fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm which was first published in 1812.

Other Versions in Comics

Grimm Fairy Tales Version

The story first tells of Rita and Eric, a couple that work together to carjack people by faking a roadside emergency. Sela gives Rita the book to read and inside she finds the story of Rapunzel. Rapunzel is reimagined here as a young woman trapped in a tower that instead of seeking escape tries to lure men in to feed the incubus that resides in the tower as well. As soon as the incubus has fed enough to form a human body, Rapunzel believes it is time that the two of them can run off together, however the incubus has different plans and throws her to her death. Returning to the modern world Eric decides he needs to wrap up loose ends and kills his associate, but by this time Rita has moved on. Sela is confused by this course of actions but then realizes that Belinda was involved.

Damsels Version

A new series in 2012 called Damsels features Rapunzel, though the exact nature of her story is as of yet unclear. The character may be used in two forms with both a Queen Rapunzel and a long-haired girl only identified as Rapa both appearing in the first issue.

Archie Comics Version

In issues #637 and #638 of Archie, the gang is transported to a magical kingdom where they replace the versions of the fairy tales characters. Rapunzel is shown in a cameo trying to reclaim her position (though it is not clear who she is battling.)

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