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Raptra - Celestial Quest
Mysterious and ambiguous, not much is known of Raptra's past, other than that she is a pirate and is associated with the powerful and formidable Reptyl. Though loosely associated with Reptyl through sharing a history with him, with both being space pirates, Raptra is hesitant to serve Thanos as willingly as Reptyl, and at first opportunity to escape Thanos, she does. She seeks out the supposed Celestial Messiah Sequoia (also known as Quoi), under the belief that he may be useful in her dealings with Thanos. Thanos instead wants no deal, and so sends his two empowered henchman, Reptyl and Primo to end her and retrieve Sequoia. Although she essentially kidnapped him, Raptra grows fond of Quoi, and the two develop a romantic bond. It is strained temporarily when Sequoia learns of Raptra's attempted dealings with Thanos, but after a sincere plea, Raptra earns back his trust. When Primo and Reptyl attack the pair they fight back viciously and manage to knock Primo down and Raptra manages to pin Reptyl back with gun fire, but Thanos appears and both are neutralized and imprisoned alongside Vision and Mantis. The Avengers come to their rescue and release them. Together with the Avengers, Raptra fights against Thanos and his godlings Primo and Reptyl. All unite to fight against the Rot. With the Rot defeated, Raptra decides to aid Sequoia and his mission to explore and heal the Universe. 


Raptra is a Marvel comic book character, and was created by Steve Englehart and Jorge Santamaria and first appeared in Avengers: Celestial Quest #2. Raptra is a saurian creature, which becomes a theme with her as she expresses a type of saurian superiority attitude, which is softened with her dealings with Quoi.   

Powers and Abilities 

Raptra is naturally super strong, fast, agile and durable. Her skin can secrete acid. She is a skilled fighter, and often utilizes powerful gun weaponry and a cloak, stolen from Thanos, which grants her invisibility. She is an expert pilot, and space pirate.  

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