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Once a yuppie accountant, Raptor took up falconry and soon became obsessed with the birds of prey. He began to breed them and trained them to be bigger and stronger. He even trained them to attack other animals. He himself claims that he wears his falcon costume simply to make the birds more comfortable around him. Destro caught Raptor poaching on Cobra property and decided he could be of use. He helped fund Raptor's attempts to breed even deadlier mutated falcons. He began working with the undercover Crimson Guardsman, Fred VII, in his secret lab in Denver, hidden behind his auto service station. In addition to his work with his birds, he also did Fred's accounting. When the presumed-dead Cobra Commander arrived with his son Billy and asked for Fred's help, he met Raptor, looked at his costume and immediately decided that the man must be crazy. Raptor rambled on about what his birds can do for the history of Cobra, but the Commander wasn't impressed. Raptor then proved he wasn't all that crazy by hacking into the U.S. Army computer and discovered that there was a Joe convoy driving through Utah. The Commander, Fred and Raptor headed to Utah, where Raptor used his birds to track down the Joes. The Commander then staged a brief attack on the convoy. Later, Raptor looked on as the Commander decided that he would turn his back on Cobra to be a better father to Billy. Fred, enraged because he had given his whole life to Cobra, shot Cobra Commander in the back, presumably killing him. Raptor and Fred buried the Commander's body outside of Denver. Shortly after, Raptor spotted Billy and Jinx driving away from the martial arts academy next door. Jinx and the Blind Master had been next door for some time, spying on Fred. He followed them all the way to San Francisco, and kept watch on them as they headed into the Presidio Army base. He then called Fred in Denver and got no answer. He had no idea that Fred had left, and headed for Cobra Island where he would pose as Cobra Commander for some time.

Raptor's activities are uncertain for the next two years, though he may or may not have worked for Cobra in that time. He surfaced in San Francisco, confronting Billy and telling him he knew that Fred VII had replaced his father and knew where the Commander was buried. Billy, Raptor, Zartan and others headed to the island to reveal the truth. Raptor secretly told Dr. Mindbender what had happened. Raptor brought the Cobra scientist to the Commander's gravesite, where he hoped to use his genetic material to create a new leader. But the grave was empty and Cobra Commander stepped out of the forest, along with a dozen Crimson Guardsman, revealing he had only been near death until the Siegies saved him. Back on Cobra Island, the Commander threw many of those he considered traitors into the island's landlocked freighter. Raptor was thrown in, as well. The freighter was sealed and buried under a volcano, leaving them all to die. Though a few of those in the freighter managed to escape, Raptor was not one of them. His body was found months later when Vipers opened the freighter.

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