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Raphael and Michaelangelo are spa ring. Raphael becomes enraged and tries to beat Michaelangelo's head in with a wrench. Leonardo stops Raphael and tells him to cool off. Raphael leaves and feels great regret for his actions.
Casey Jones in introduced working out and watching TV. He decides that the police need help protecting the city and that he should start patrolling the streets. He gears up with sports equipment and leaves.
Raphael stops two men from robbing and raping a woman. Casey sees that Raphael is letting them go so Casey pursues them. Casey beats them and Raphael interrupts him. The two fight in swirling melee but Casey is victorious. When Raphael awakens he decides that he needs to stop Casey. It is not shown if Casey killed the thugs but they are shown silent and unmoving in the alley Raphael wakes up in.
Casey finds two men breaking into a car. He starts to beat them. Raphael finds him and interrupts yet again. Casey flees through traffic to a park. Raphael hesitates but follows, exposing himself to onlookers. The fight continues and they become fatigued from fighting eachother. They verbally argue until they hear "Help!" in the distance and agree to come to a truce and help the person. 
The End.
In a reissue in 1987 there is an additional 14 page story with Steve Lavigne as the letterer.







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