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The Agent

Handsome and charming, he poses as Sheffield Institute's newest computer teacher when in fact he is a colleague of Maria and Joel who was hired to keep tabs on the W.I.T.C.H. girls. His goal is to uncover what secret the girls are hiding and if it does infact involve supernatural powers. He can attract all of the girl students aside from the W.i.t.c.h. for his strange behavior was discovered during the time that Cornelia and Will are in their invisible state. He spies on the girls especially when they were under the exchange student program when Cornelia, Taranee and Hay Lin were in Redstone while Will and Irma were in Heartherfield.

One time, as the girls noticed Sylla's strange behavior, they tried to search him on the internet, mis fortunately, Sylla came and the plan was set on a plan B. Trying to open a site, Sylla helped them and keyed in his password which the element of air have whispered to Hay Lin.

During the end of the saga when the Oracle deleted all of the agent's memories about the guardians, Sylla quit and realized that what he had done was wrong.

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