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because ... their reign ends ...

Actually ...

They had the power, they dominated the city, the world.

The order reigned ... their order.

And then they came ... Brother, sister. Raptors. Leather clad. Slipping into the night, spreading disorder. States until they bled. The ancestral power, remained intact.

Then the master of the city is concerned. He has reason to worry. Him, his immortal race hitherto discovered their first dead, their first victims. That is burned as witches before the stake. To each is sent a long needle behind the ear. Their weakness, marks of aging.

And then there are people like you and me. As Lenore walks towards a world that escapes him, a world that has the power, a world that cheating with her appearance, with "the" appearances.

Lenore is fragile, Lenore has a weapon, Lenore server know. It's his job, his profession cop.

But who to cling to? ... Everything is illusion, we are surrounded by people belonging to another race, a race "before", "race" rotting there, slowly. And still trying to survive ...

Until the advent of Raptors, exterminators, who have not forgotten!







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