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Initially she appears to just be a random transient when she is woken up on the street and told her kind is not welcome. It is inferred she is an out-lander of sorts but she doesn't know what's going on around her. The world seems to be out to get her and after various mishaps she meets a strange amphibian girl who claims to know stuff about her and that the two of them are the same. The girl then whisks her away and grabs her before jumping off a cliff into the ocean where Rapa is shocked to see that her captor is in fact a mermaid.

When they reach dry land, the mermaid regains her legs and the two take brief shelter and Rapa is told that the tattoos on her arm detail the story of Rapunzel because she is the real Rapunzel. Rapa doesn't seem ready to believe any of this but before it can be discussed further, a magic spell awakes the stone Wyrm that the two were resting in and it attacks the girls, grabbing Rapa in its mouth before burrowing deep beneath the ground. It isn't seen swallowing her and while her mouth was sticking out of its clothed jaws briefly, it was not caught between teeth as there are only teeth at the front of its mouth and its lips extend further back behind them.

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