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Cinderella Ninja and Obsess Copy ruined by bamboo tree

Two Ranmas

The story with magic mirror that makes clone is not new one but with gender changing makes good twist for narcissism. This small arc is cute but it has been done before. It opens for new good character but she was one time wonder.It was funny an showed some potential.

Playing House

Nabiki quick story was set up for black mail for revenge joke it was quick and short, but did not give reason for the vengeance. Nabiki is as selfish, conceited girl that would have taken the other ticket if she wanted to. This makes the motivation of story very lacking and would be easily written off.

Ninja Sisters of Terror

This book was a set up for a joke and it is a good one. It’s a Cinderella story but with two twist. I want to avoid spoiling the punch line, so I won’t reveal it in the review, but it needs to be when I make profile for konatsu as she makes recurrence. It is funny, has ninjas, martial art moves that are funny and has few fan service moment with Ukyo and Akane in bunny girl outfits. It’s my favorite arc one in this. I show this to someone just to see their face when they finish reading it. This arc is worthy to be by itself as it introduced a new character.

Bamboo Leaves of Love

This is a small story that can be easily skipped. It’s the usual annoyance by the Kuno family along with plot device that causes attraction to whoever does certain. There are several Ranma stories that have this. There is warning that if the paper is destroyed that those two people that will never be together and that is the main drive for this chase the item story.

In total this is the score for the stories: Two Ranmas 3.5, Playing House 2.5, Ninja Sisters 5 and Bamboo Leaves of love 2.5. The total score is 3 in estimated score. The short stories kind of ruin it but as I said Ninja sister of terror is on great arc story. I love this book but if i want to be fair there some stories that are not needed or need improving


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