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 Randy upon joining Orb Industries

Randy Cartier was a former agent of the Dept. W, a special division of the Canadian Secret Services created to eliminate a single man: the terrorist Kyle Wolfbridge. During the operations her husband was killed and she was captured. For months she was tortured and abused. After her colleagues saved her she left the service.  Years later she accepted the job as Orb Industries chief of security.

In her new role she became very close to Aric Dacia. During the battle in the Antarctic between Aric and a special NSA commando she discovered his second life as X-O Manowar.
After the battle Aric felt so disgusted with the civilized world that he decided to leave for the Amazon Rainforest, and he entrusted the X-O control ring to Randy. Initially scared by the armor abilities and sentience Randy tried not to use it but, after the armor healed her broken arm in just a couple of day, she started to enjoy the possibilities. This led to a confrontation with AX and his gang, where the armor started to mutate to accommodate Randy's psyche, growing spikes upon her fists.

 Randy donning the Manowar Armor

Growing more confident Randy started to boss Ken Clarkson around and finally decided to accept the full power of the armor, which mutated in response to her mind. As a result the psychological scares from her time in Wolfbridge's camp resurfaced and she decided to use the armor to destroy all the remains of Wolfbridge's organization. After the destruction of the camp she discovered that it was now inhabited by a group of her former allies.  Guilt ridden Randy decided to cut off her link with the armor and gave the ring back to Aric after his return, just in time for Aric's confrontation with the Armorines.

After the destruction of the first X-O Armor Randy's friend and lover Paul Bouvier sacrificed himself to create a new armor, this caused serious strain between Aric and herself. She returned to and met the survivors of the Dept. W, only to see them dying one by one apparently killed by a resurrected Wolfbridge. With the help of Aric and Ninjak she discovered that it was the children of Wolfbridge pursuing a vendetta. 

Randy met her fate after being captured by Crescendo, who used Ken and her to obtain information about Aric in her vengeance scheme.

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