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Within DMZ

To date, Random Fire's only appearance has him going to perform at a club within the zone. While there, he is informed that his set has been cancelled due to an outsider, DJ Grendel. Grendel is a big-name DJ from "outside" the zone, and is looking to use the experience of going to the DMZ to further his street credibility.

It is then when RF is approached by an Ex-Trustwell employee, Ingrid, who informs him of the nature of Grendel's performance, and the presence of security forces inside the venue. The security forces are planning to kill club-goers to add controversy to Grendel's performance, ensuring a smash hit. Random Fire weasels his way into a spot opening for Grendel, and exposes the plot to the audience. With a gun to his face, he is rescued and escapes the building before grenades and explosives demolish it with Ingrid inside. Random Fire's fate is unknown after this event, as he has not re-appeared in the series since.

"'Live from the DMZ.' webcast. Promotions. Album release. Bonus tracks. Does he not get that people die here?"

"Will our struggle be summed up by the tagline of a CD somewhere?

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