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Brief History

Miranda, or Randi, was the roommate of Candi, the niece of the landlord of Peter Parker , Mrs. Muggins. She rented a room with her two roommates Candi and Bambi.  Although Peter didn't mind having 3 beautiful girls living right next to him, he did however have some trouble with the 3 girls. Whenever the sun was there, Randi, Candi and Bambi used to go sunning on the rooftop of the building. This caused problems for Peter Parker, whom often used the roof to change himself from Spider-man to Peter Parker and vise-versa. This problem became sort of a running gag right up until Peter finally moved out of the building and bought a place with his wife Mary Jane. The three girls where there at their house-warming party, but after that contact between Peter and the girls has faded.

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