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Hulk vs the Space Parasite.

Randau was once the king of the Xeronians which was a peaceful society that despised hate, war and death. When alien invaders threatened their planet Xeron, Randau could no longer stand idle and subjected himself to an untested device called the solar chamber. Randau was bathed with mysterious rays from a third sun and emerged as a living weapon coursing with energy. Randau quelled the invading army but continued to conquer new foes beyond their universe. Randau became the Space Parasite and needed to absorb the energy of his foes to survive. Randau observed the Hulk from his spaceship and wanted to absorb his energy because he believed it would nourish his system for months, possibly for years. Randau traveled to Earth and challenged the Hulk to battle. The fight was fierce and intense between the two powerhouses. Randau was getting weaker during the fight and he wanted the Hulk to kill him in combat. Hulk refused to kill him so Randau teleported away. Several Xeronians located Randau and decided he must die so they pressed the detonator that destroyed his ship. Randau was in mid-teleportation when his ship was destroyed. Randau realized his people tried to kill him and he had no home to go to. Randau in his weakened state, lay on a piece of floating debris and drifted away in space.


Randau the Space Parasite was created by Gary Friedrich and Marie Severin in 1968 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 103.

Story Arcs

  • Annihilation

Randau loaded with cosmic power.

Randau would reappear as a new ruler of a planet he called New Xeron and come into conflict with Terrax and Paibok when they landed on his planet after they destroyed the Annihilation Wave Battle Cruiser Ch'trrr. An empath named Chandra told Terrax and Paibok that Randau was feeding off the populace of that planet and would shoot down ships that strayed too close to his planets with his solar scepter. The slaves and captives lack the power necessary to destroy the Space Parasite. Terrax agreed to take the fight to Randau and destroyed his palace with a massive wave of stones and rock. Randau emerged from the rubble and struck Terrax with an energy blast and stabbed Paibok with his scepter when he tried to use his hypnotic gaze on him. Terrax grabbed Randau from behind and tried to overload him with cosmic power but the plan backfired. Randau's size and power increased and was about to crush Terrax when Chandra attacked with a bow and arrow. Randau was simply annoyed and obliterated Chandra with one blast. The distraction allowed Terrax to recover and he split Randau's head and upper torso in half with his axe. Randau was killed and Terrax destroyed his planet with one powerful axe blow.

Powers & Abilities

Randau was granted superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. He could also absorb the energy from his foes to nourish his body and increase his strength.


Randau also carried a weapon called the solar scepter which was a jagged sword that was capable of sapping the strength of his enemies.

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