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Ramulus came online on prehistoric Earth, only to find that Optimus Primal and his crew had already returned to Cybertron, stranding him there alone. Since then, he's been an insufferable, snarky crank with a huge chip on his shoulder. He's as rough and tough in battle as his attitude suggests, which does make him a good bot to have around, if you can stand his relentless rudeness.

Weapons & Abilities

Vanadium alloy razor blades are mounted on each of his wrists, and he carries a modified high-yield tachyon gun on his arm, which he affectionately refers to as his "Slagmaker cannon." During his time spent alone on Earth, his superior internal navigation systems were honed, improving his already impressive abilities as a scout. His fractured spark crystal can periodically shoot ion pulses across his body, shutting down vital circuits.

Beast Mode

Ramulus possesses the beast form of a ram.

Ramulus beast mode

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