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Originally committing crimes under the name Nightshade, the green skinned Ramulus created mechanised, murdering plants to terrorise his victims in a "magic forest" in upstate New York. In 1942, Wesley Dodds, the Sandman, and his protege Sandy the golden Boy ran afoul of NIghtshade when the villain kidnapped the parents of oneof Sandy's friends. 
While Sandman and Sandy rescued the kidnapped couple, NIghtshade lost control over his electronic plants and was seemingly murdered by them, while his "magic forest" burned to the groud. 
Miraculously surviving, NIghtshade was discovered by the Aztec priest Nyola. Given greater control over his technical flora, and the ability to mentally manipulate living vegetation. Nighhtshade changed his name to Ramulus abd joined nyola's Monster Society of Evil.

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