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Son of Manhunter

Ramsey Robinson is the younger member in a long family of superheroes like Hugo Danner (Great-great-grand father), Iron Munro ( great-grand father), Sandra Knight ( great-grand mother ) and his mother Kate Spencer (Manhunter). He also has other friends like Mr. Bones (his ''Uncle'' Bones) and Obsidian (His ''Uncle'' Todd). He begins to develop powers and in the future he begins his own crime fighting career.

Major Story Arcs

Street Justice

For more information see: Street Justice

Ramsey comes to his mother's office, to spend the weekend with her. While Kate and Ramsey's father, Peter, argue in the hall, Ramsey finds one of his mother's file. He looks at the pictures of dead people for a while before Kate returns and tells him those are not for his eyes.

Ramsey and Kate then go out for lunch, but due to a small accident, they leave the dinner and go back to Kate's apartment. There Kate leaves Ramsey to take a quick shower. While she is gone Ramsey finds his mom's Manhunter Staff. When she returns to the living room, Ramsey pushes a button and blows up the living room. Ramsey is taken to the hospital where he is operated on. Ramsey remains in a coma for a few days after the accident.

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