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Ramone Dexter was created by Dan Abnett and David Millgate for the Sinister Dexter thrill in British comic anthology 2000AD. His first appearance was in the 2000ad Winter Special 1995.



In the early days Dexter and his partner Finnigan Sinister worked as freelance guns for hire in Downlode City receiving their contacts through a PDA like device known as a 'fact totem'. The kingpin of crime then was Holy Moses Tanenbaum.

A large price was eventually put on Holy Moses's head, expecting Finnigan and Dexter to be the ones to take this contract he sends out gun sharks to take them down first. After killing the hit-men Holy Moses sent, the boys decided that to keep up there reputation as the best they have to take the hardest contracts and that means taking down Holy Moses Tanenbaum. After a fight in which Finnigan and Dexter are nearly killed, Holy Moses is taken out and it is revealed that the contract was put out by his wife Demi Octavo.

An outbreak of violence and destruction takes place when various crime lords try to fill the gap after the death of Holy Moses. A Russian moblord known as The Czar eventually calls a summit for all gang leaders and hires Sinister Dexter as security for the meeting. During the summit the duo discover that every single mob boss has planned to assassinate every other leader. After a gun battle between Sinister Dexter and all the mob bosses The Czar revels himself to be a robot double with a close focus nuke strapped to his chest. With all the gang leaders dead The Czar takes over the underworld for himself.

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