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Marine biologist Ramon Raymond was intrigued by the thought of exploring the ocean's depth's without being encumbered by scuba gear. He injected himself with the DNA of a bottlenosed dolphin in hopes that he would develop the dolphin's underwater capabilities. However on his first test of his DNA injections in the open ocean, he was attacked by a bull shark. In a panic he swam away through a glowing green cloud of liquid as he saw the shark was avoiding it. But the green water, combined with the dolphin DNA, transformed him into living water. At first he was horrified but then found that he could change from water form back into his human persona.

He found that he could shift into his water form, which he dubbed Aquaman, at will. In his Aquaman form he could fire fire water jets, and surf on waves of his own creation. He decided to use his powers as a superhero, and protect the land and the sea from criminals


As Aquaman, Ramon is composed of living water and can fire water jets of varying intensities from his fingertips. He can form waves under his feet and surf on dry land. He can survive indefinitely underwater, and can swim at incredible speeds by using water propulsion. Despite the fact that he if made of water, Aquaman cannot squeeze through vents or grates as his water cohesion makes him almost solid

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