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The Immortal known as Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez was born in Egypt in 896 BC as Tak Ne. After his first death he was banished from his city and would begin to travel the world and learn the true nature of his extraordinary abilities and become a master swordsman fighting many battles with and against his fellow immortals.

Ramírez would marry a total of three times during his life but the suffering he endured at the death of this final wife, the Japanese princess Shakiko would stop him ever loving another in such a way ever again. Shakiko’s father was Masamune, a renowned swordsmith who would forge Ramírez a "dragon head" katana which he would carry with him for the rest of his life.

Eventually while under the service of King Charles V of Spain as his Chief Metallurgist Ramírez sought out the Highlander Connor Macleod and would educate him in the ways of the Immortals and of the Prize but most crucially of all he warned Macleod of The Kurgan, the most powerful and evil of all the immortals and the same man who killed Connor on the battleground in 1542.

Ramirez and Conner training

While Connor was away The Kurgan returned to finish what he had started with the Highlander only to find Ramírez who he engaged in a duel regardless.

Ramírez was very nearly able to decapitate The Kurgan who had underestimated his foe but the tide quickly turned and an overwhelmed Ramírez lost his head and quickening to The Kurgan. Connor would bury Ramírez at his home in Glencoe and with time he would be joined by Heather. Upon her death Connor drove his claymore into the ground to act as Heather’s grave marker and would take up his mentor’s katana using it to one day claim the Prize itself.

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