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 A hero or a traitor?


Ral-Dar was a member of the military guild and above all, was a patriot..  As Zod gained more power, respect and loyalty among the Kryptonians,  Ral-Dar seemed to be the only one to remember  Zod's grudge against Earth. He suspected that sooner or later this could lead into a devastating war against Earth and contacted General Sam Lane, the leader of Project 7734 in order to stop Zod's ambition once and for all.  
 Deal with the devil
Nevertheless, Lane had another agenda. He supplied Ral-Dar with a weapon that could effectively put down Zod. Al thought the attempt against Zod's life failed and only severely wounded him. Still not knowing that fact, Lane harbored the Kryptonian fugitive as he was being pursued by Superman and Supergirl. But the alliance between the renegade Kryptonian and Lane was short-lived. Ral-Dar heard a conversation between Lane and Atlas, where the general made clear that Ral-Dar was nothing but a puppet in Lane's master plan. The Kryptonian realized that  he had shaken hands with the devil and Lane was as a tyrant as Zod. Furious, he broke out from his cell but Lane just cracked a smile as this was part of his plan. 
Ral-Dar knew that  President Martin Suarez was heading to Markovia, apparently to sign a commerce treaty. But he was sure that the United States was going to make a deal to declare war against Krypton. Sadly for him, he was intercepted by Superman who ordered him to stop his irrational attack. But Ral-Dar had little time to convince him otherwise. The two Kryptonians were surrounded by Lane's army and Squad K. Superman was shocked not only by Lane's presence (he was supposed to be dead after the events of Our Worlds at War) but also with the fact that Ral-Dar was already familiar with Lane. Without more explanations, Squad K and the army opened fire with anti-Kryptonian weapons, ending with Ral-Dar's life although Supeman remained unharmed.  
 Superman holding Ral-Dar's body
Superman didn't have more time to ask for explanations as he received an urgent call from Alura. He flew back to Krypton taking Ral-Dar's body back home. With his death, the Kryptonian Council couldn't figure it out the real motivation's of Ral-Dar's attack.

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