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Roy G. Bivolo dreamed of being a famous artist as a child, eschewing other activities children partook in to paint. Unfortunately, Roy was colorblind and his works of art were considered ugly due to the clash of colors he would display on canvas. An optometrist and expert in optical technology, Roy’s father promised his son he would find a cure for his condition but died before he could do so. On his deathbed Roy’s father imparted to him a pair of goggles he had worked on which created beams of solid rainbow-colored light. Embittered by the terrible reception he received for his art, Roy decided to use his father’s gift to help him pursue a life in crime.


Rainbow Raider (Roy G. Bivolo) is a character belonging to DC Comics and was created by Cary Bates and Don Heck. His first appearance was in The Flash #186. His name, Roy G. Bivolo is based on the acronym ROYGBIV, symbolizing the colors of the rainbow (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.)

Character Evolution

Roy was a quiet and introverted child, preferring to no play with other children so he could paint. Despite his incredible talent, his being color blind prevented his genius from being completely realized and as he grew into adulthood, he become extremely embittered. When his father gave him goggles with the ability to create solid beams of colored light, Roy decided to use the gift to steal famous works of art with the mindset that if no one appreciated his art, then no art would be appreciated at all. Calling himself the Rainbow Raider, he would attempt to carry out his plan many times over but would be thwarted repeatedly heroes of Central City, returning as a zombie temporarily after being killed by a fellow villain.

Major Story Arcs

Turning to crime Roy, now known as the Rainbow Raider, raided many art galleries. He would come up against the Flash who put an end to his thievery but continued his villainy by planning to drain Central City of all its color. During the execution of this mission Rainbow Raider’s equipment blew up in his face, giving him temporary color vision and the ability to use his powers free of the goggles. The Flash was still able to defeat the villain who was also assisted by the Shade.

Roy becomes a known enemy of the Justice League of America, participating in the riot which took place in the super-hero prison of Belle Reve. He attacked Kyle Rayner but was taken out by Zauriel with a solitary punch.

Joining forces with Doctor Double X, the pair attempted to take on both the Flash and Batman but were defeated and sent to jail. Roy did manage to escape but was quickly apprehended by the Green Lantern and returned into custody.

Art Thief

The Raider joined forces sometime in the future with the members of Flash’s Rogues, battling with Abra Kadabra who wanted to use the villains to defeat the Flash at a high cost to them and was successful in preventing Kadabra from carrying out his plan.

During Underworld Unleashed, Trickster stole The Rainbow Raider’s magic candle, causing Roy to be killed by a fellow villain named Blacksmith who had wielded one of his own art pieces as the murder weapon. He was amongst the villains resurrected to become the Black Lanterns, but his comeback ended when he was encased in ice by Captain Cold. He was called the Black and White Raider during his short resurrection.

Since his death, a group of villains formed a group in his honour, calling themselves the Rainbow Raiders.

New 52

Rainbow Raider, calling himself Chroma, is seen in the bar the Rogues frequent. Chroma, Girder, Tarpit and Pied Piper attack Grodd, who dispatches them one by one. Grodd later attacks Keystone and Central City and begins beating up citizens, decapitating a few including Chroma. The Rogues return to Central City where Chroma's head is on a pike.

Powers and Abilities

Rainbow Raider created solid light beams of various colors with the goggles given to him by his father, using them to attack and also alter the emotional states of people depending on the color he would immerse them in. He also used the beams as slides for travel by and his physical strength was of an average human male in good physical condition.

Physical Characteristics

  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 165 lbs (75kg)
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Hair: Black

Alternative Realities

During the Armageddon 2001 crossover, the Rainbow Raider was depicted as an insane crime lord.

In House of Mystery #167, a villain by the name of Dr. Quin was portrayed as a Rainbow Raider but it would be his costume which would change into different colors of the rainbow, each with its own superpower.

Other Media

On CW TV's The Flash, The Flash and Arrow team up. Roy G. Bivalo is a metahuman from the STAR Labs incident. He uses his powers to affect the emotions of people, committing crimes in the ensuing chaos. He does not wear a costume.

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