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Starlight, Rainbow Brite & Twink

Rainbow Brite started out as a little girl named Wisp, who was magically carried off to a colorless world. There she was challenged with finding the Sphere of Light. On her journey she met Twink, a sprite, and saved a horse named Starlight. Together they rescued the Color Kids.

With everyone in tow, they battled the Dark One in hopes of saving this world. Using her Color Belt, Wisp defeated the Dark One. After the demise of the Dark One, the Sphere of Light told Wisp that she would be known as Rainbow Brite from then on. She, the Color Kids, and the sprites went on to live in

Rainbow Land


The Star Stealer

When winter on Earth seemed to continue passed its normal cycle, Rainbow Brite realized that something was amiss in the Uninverse. A selfish Princess had decided to keep the beautiful diamond like planet of Spectra to herself, and in doing so darkened the rest of the Universe. On her way, Rainbow met up with a mechanical horse named OnX who lead her to Spectra. There she met Orin, a sprite who was enslaved on the planet. He informed her that all the light in the Universe passedd through Spectra and if it stopped then all life in the Universe would die. Rainbow Brite took on the mission to save Spectra with the aid of Krys, a boy from Spectra.

Murky and Lurky, enjoying the new gloom brought on by the evil princess, tried to stop Rainbow and Krys from saving Spectra, but were ulimately avoided. Krys and Rainbow, with the help of their horses, OnX and Starlight, traveled to the Princess's spaceship and defeat her, stopping the theft of the planet.

Spectra and it's inhabitants were freed and light was returned to the Universe, bringing with it Spring.

Color Kids and Sprites

Red Butler and Romeo

Patty O'Green and Lucky

Canary Yellow and Spark

Buddy Blue and Champ

Shy Violet and IQ

Indigo and Hammy

Lala Orange and OJ

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