Kombat begins anew, end of 2010!

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This is excellent news.

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MK is a low tier fighter game, it's not as good as SF or KOF but it's decent.

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@geraldthesloth: LOL'ed @ that post
#5 Posted by geraldthesloth (33313 posts) - - Show Bio
@_Sub-Zero_ said:
" @geraldthesloth: LOL'ed @ that post "
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to be honest mortal kombat is better then SF , sorry geraldthesloth but street fighter is gotten outdated hell it didin save capcom, as for king of fighters? dude really? that game is very underrated that it didin get very far overall mortal kombat is the better fighting game right now, im done here bye.

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Lol I was confused at first then I realized this thread is 4 years old.

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