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Pre-Crisis Location History

Death at Rags -n- Tatters
Rags -n- Tatters was a antique/pawn shop ran by Gerry Regan. He used it to help individuals when ever he could. He would give people more money than an item was worth and he would buy items and hold them for people to help them out. This made the store a Gotham City institution. It was a sad day for the neighborhood when Gerry and three of his friends were killed by criminals in the back of the store.
His son Rory took over the store and became the Ragman. He stopped the criminals who killed his father and many others. He also kept up his father's store in the same way his father did. Later, he had a run-in with Batman and eventually became part of the Batman Family.

Post-Crisis Location History

 Ragman in Gotham
Most things stayed the same for the little Rags -n- Tatters store in Post- Crisis but there were little changes. For starters the store was bought by Gerry Regan around the end of World War II. He went there after fighting Germans in the war. He stayed there many years and his son grew and eventually helped him at the store.
Unfortunately for Gerry, he met the same fate in Post-Crisis as he did in Pre-Crisis. He was set upon by the mob who wanted to use the store as a front to sell drugs. When he refused he was killed along with the attempted murder of his son. When his son recovered he found out that the mob did just what they planned and had impostors pose as distant family members and run the store. Rory broke into the store one night trying to find proof of this and that is when he found the Suit of Souls that makes him the Ragman. 

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