Ragnarok in New Avengers #21 (Spoilers)

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So in the New Avengers Preview for next weeks release Ragnarok is back and playing for Osborn's team. While the really a whole lot of spoiler in the preview What bothers me is that Wolverine take a full punch from the false god and keeps fighting like regular punch. I know Wolverine is strong, resilient, and has a healing factor but being punched by someone with the strength of a god should do more then tip his head back a little. I would think the power of that punch would crush any tissue between his fist and Wolverine's adamantium covered bones as well as throw Wolverine back a couple blocks. I punch from Ragnarok to Wolverine should shatter Wolverine's bones within the adamantium and most likely knock him out with the force.

Am i reading the panels out of order or does Ragnarok hit Wolverine with his hammer (shown with Wolverine looks like he is falling away) d then at the bottom of the page Wolverine has his claws in Ragnarok's arm again

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@DEGRAAF: This looks like it might be 1/2 of a double page splash... there's usually a lot of them in Avengers. You might see Wolverine get back up on the other page. But I agree, he should be floored for  long time after that :) 
I'm looking forward to getting this trade, I hope they do something with Ragnarok. Really Underrated character ^_^
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@X35: I was thinking that too but from the preview it wasnt. I didnt read the issue though.

lol let me just say you will be disappointed if you are looking for big forward motion with Ragnorak

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@DEGRAAF: don't tell me he goddamn dies again ¬_¬
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It's just what i heard, i didnt read it

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Ragnarok eh? Should be interesting.


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