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Ragnar was a Prince of Betrassus in Sector 1417. He had no desire to ascend his world's throne only to one day be a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Ragnar with the wealth and power of his world amassed a collection of memorabilia related to the Green Lantern Corps. Ragnar is responsible for a string of murders in an attempt to rid his sector of anyone who could have been chosen before him as a Green Lantern, even going so far as to kill his own brother. He murders Soranik Natu's partner Myrrt in hopes of becoming a Green Lantern and is given a fake ring in order to get him back to Oa where he could be arrested. However, due to his royal status he had to be returned to Betrassus, where he was executed for his crimes. The last thing he sees is his sister, Iolande, being chosen by a Power Ring.

Other Media

Ragnar appears in the Green Lantern: The Animated Series episode "Heir Apparent," which is a loose adaptation of Iolande's origin story from the comics. Prince Ragnar is introduced as an enthusiastic Green Lantern fan who murders Dulok, the Green Lantern of Betrassus, in hopes of taking his Power Ring and joining the Corps himself. This plan is foiled by Hal Jordan and Kilowog, and the ring instead ends up choosing Iolande as its new bearer. Unlike the original comics, Ragnar is sentenced to imprisonment, rather than execution. He was voiced by Will Friedle. His rage eventually allowed him to be inducted into the Red Lantern Corp, and he used his power to overthrow his sister and temporarily gain the throne. He was defeated by Hal, Kilowag, and Iolande after Ganthet activated the blue lantern, rendering his ring inert while supercharging the green lanterns.

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