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"The Dream Killers"

Jeanne Wilson dies of a drug overdose. Her suppliers carry her to a bridge, to throw her body into the river. They are interrupted by the Ragman, who chases them off. Ragman delivers the body to the coroner, then returns home, to the Rags 'N' Tatters pawn shop, which he runs in his civilian identity, Rory Regan. The next morning, Bette Berg, along with a blind, mute orphan boy named Teddy, arrive to gather Regan for a planned outing to the amusement park, Funland. Regan, Berg, and a goup of orphans are met at the gates by Mr. Seriph, the owner and builder of Funland. Seriph hands out tokens to all the children. A day filled with merriment is had by all. On the ferry ride back to the city, one of the orphans, clearly under the influence of narcotics, leaps from the ferry into the river. Regan dives in to rescue him, but the powerful river current pulls the boy away. Late that night, Regan returns to Funland, in his guise as the Ragman. Seriph greets the Ragman, showering him with silver coins, each carrying an electrical charge. Stunned into unconsciousness, Ragman is loaded into a roller coaster car and sent off on a thrill ride to his death. Exceeding the maximum safe speed, the car tears free of the track, launching itself, and Ragman, into the river. The icy waters revive the Tattered Tatterdemalion, who follows one of Funland's mini-submarines back to the park. Those on board the submarine are delivering a new shipment of narcotics to Seriph. A brutal battle breaks out on the Funland dock, as Ragman tears into Seriph, the smugglers, and the distributers. Despite the overwhelming odds, Ragman fights like a man possessed, and ultimately, triumphs. In his jail cell, Seriph is on the verge of a psychotic break, overcome by his newfound fear of the Ragman.

The Tatterdemalion Of Justice

After vandalizing several tombstones, a trio of men exhume a body. Rolling up the cadaver's sleeve, the men discover a tattoo of a winged angel. Searching the cemetery, the grave robbers locate a winged angel statue, looming over another plot. Once more, the corpse in the grave is exhumed. This casket, however, holds not just a body, but a fortune in jewels. The Ragman disrupts the theft, attacking the three grave robbers. A shovel blow to the head, however, stuns the Ragman. The grave robbers move in for the kill. Suddenly, the angle statue inexplicably topples over, crushing the three thieves. The next day's headlines detail the grave robbers' criminal scheme.

Note: This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Wonder Woman and Cup Cakes "The Maltese Cup Cake."







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